Presenting the AOI appliance line including the Apex Revolution Spring Retainer, the Ectopic Spring-Loaded Distalizer, the EZ Distalizer, and the Molar Roller.

Apex Revolution Spring Retainer

THE APEX REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN Now presenting the Apex Revolution Spring Retainer ... a revolutionary new orthodontic appliance that's a total game changer! Learn more about the Apex Revolution Spring Retainer or buy Apex Revolution Spring lab kits now. The Apex Revolution Spring Retainer Is A 5 Star Orthodontic Appliance. Learn all about the Apex...

Ectopic Spring-Loaded Distalizer

THE ECTOPIC SPRING-LOADED DISTALIZER Designed to provide the same function as a Halterman appliance without the necessity of a bondable button ... preventing a choking/aspiration hazard for the patient. The Ectopic Spring-Loaded Distalizer Is Another 5 Star Orthodontic Appliance from AOI. Learn all about the Ectopic Spring-Loaded Distalizer now. Ecoptic Spring-Loaded Distalizer Advantages Proven Results...

EZ Distalizer

THE EZ DISTALIZER If you have been pleased with the performance of other distal drive appliances but aggravated by activation and hygiene problems, you will be delighted with the EZ appliance. The EZ Distalizer Is Another 5 Star Orthodontic Appliance from AOI. Learn all about the EZ Distalizer now. The EZ Distalizer drives maxillary molars...

Molar Roller

THE MOLAR ROLLER The Molar Roller is designed to quickly and accurately upright lingually tipped molars. The appliance is fabricated with pre-activated. The Molar Roller Is Another 5 Star Orthodontic Appliance from AOI. Learn all about the Molar Roller now. The Molar Roller can also upright buccally tipped molars but will not have built in...



At Apex Ortho Innovations, we have a deep understanding of the mechanics of tooth movement and we apply that knowledge to provide practical, efficient solutions to orthodontics problems you face on a daily basis.  Browse our website and look at some of the solutions we have developed for common issues.

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Apex Ortho Innovations

The name speaks for itself. If an appliance has been around for years and routinely delivers predictable results, practically any lab can do the job for you. But if the appliance you are using produces an outcome that is less than predictable, or seems overly complicated, or if you just simply can’t find your “go-to” appliance for your specific orthodontic need … then Apex Ortho Innovations is here to help.

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