If you have been pleased with the performance of other distal drive appliances but aggravated by activation and hygiene problems, you will be delighted with the EZ appliance.

The EZ Distalizer Is Another 5 Star Orthodontic Appliance from AOI. Learn all about the EZ Distalizer now.

The EZ Distalizer drives maxillary molars are distally to achieve a class I molar relationship without tipping or rotation.

EZ Distalizer Advantages

Proven Results

The EZ Distalizer is like no other appliance on the market. It offers proven results by driving the molars distally with no tipping or rotation.

Versatile Appliance

The EZ Distalizer is available with a wide variety of options … whether banded or bonded … maxillary or mandibular … unilateral or bilateral … the EZ Distalizer is the right appliance for the job!

Easy Activation

The EZ Distalizer comes pre-activated for 4 to 6mm of distalization. It can also be re-activated with supplied 2mm and 4mm spacers.


If you still have questions after checking out the EZ Distalizer, give AOI a call at 1-800-537-1018 and ask for senior fixed appliance technician, Steve Branch or send us an email at [email protected].

AOI will make every effort to provide you with as much information as possible. Your satisfaction is important to us!

The EZ Distalizer is a product of Apex Ortho Innovations and QC Orthodontics Lab. All rights are retained



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